• Re: Appalling service received at Balgowlah Post Office

    (Shop 9, 318 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW, 2093)


    Dear Australia Post,


    Upon entering the Balgowlah store on Friday afternoon (estimated time 4:30pm), I had one simple task to do, Australia Post, and it was to post. I didn’t come to purchase a flamingo or to learn how to ride a dolphin; I came to post a parcel. I know what you’re thinking Australia Post, a simple task that you have spent countless effortful hours training your staff to prepare for in moments such as these. Unfortunately for you, these hours have been nothing but wasted on your two incompetent Balgowlah Post staff members.


    I understand that you cannot change inherent personality flaws, but the two women who run the Balgowlah Post store are quite possibly the most miserable, disgruntled, rude, and utterly uninterested individuals I have ever met in my life. Imagine, if you will, a child eagerly anticipating the presents of Christmas morning and expecting to receive a brand new mint condition Darth Vader action figure. Instead, he gets a hamster. And it’s dead. This is how your Balgowlah Post staff look. Permanently.

    Australia Post complaint letter

    This is the sort of service that is advertised on your website, Australia Post. And this is a lie.


    I approached your Balgowlah Post store with the only sort of enthusiasm that comes from knowing I would be greeted by your staff with the same amount of interest and gusto as a potato. I hoped to gain some simple, polite and clear instructions to correctly send my 12 equally sized parcels. They weren’t elephants, Australia Post. They were parcels. Parcels that contained a variety of wallets. All of similar size and weight. All to be delivered within Australia.

    Australia Post compliant letter


    What I did receive was an incoherent string of grunts that I could only hear if I listened very very closely and a stellar piece of advice one member of your staff felt necessary to shout across your store, that the envelopes were "NOT FREE, YOU KNOW!?'. Fortunately for me, I am not a thief and I do have a a grasp on basis mathematics and the provision of goods and services so I already knew this. I was, however, pointed to a stand of 574,000 different parcel packaging options.


    I’m not an idiot, Australia Post. I passed this exact same stand when I walked into the entrance of the Balgowlah Post store. I saw it with my own eyeballs, and if I had known what parcel packaging I had wanted I would have bought it and not asked for the advice from your expertly trained staff.


    Was Balgowlah Post particularly busy at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon, you might be asking? No, no it was not. So quiet in fact, you could have crotched an entire winter coat just to kill the time. Prompting your Balgowlah post employees for information was like pulling teeth. If you’re not familiar with this procedure, I tried it once when I was seven and it was extremely painful and I pulled a face that is much the same expression as the women at Balgowlah Post both permanently seem to wear.

    Australia Post compliant letter


    I’ll be honest with you here, Australia Post. I’m a 25 year old young woman who doesn’t always correspond between my peers by post. I came armed with some questions, questions that I am more than sure your staff members hear day in and day out.  I'm not an idiot, nor am I intellectually stunted. I cannot, however, say the same for your Balgowlah Post employees.


    Approaching 5 o’clock, having received zero help and guidance, still fumbling my way around your store and still confused, I literally nearly fell off my perch when one of your received-a-dead-hamster-for-Christmas staff members SHUT the roller door DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY FACE. Before I could utter your catchy memo “sending parcels is as simple as 1-2-3” (*which, FYI, it is not) aforementioned employee evaporated into thin air. The time, I might note, was not even a quarter of a millisecond past 5pm.


    Now I know what you’re thinking: Had I paid for my padded bags?! Had I been able to  post them? No, no I hadn't. A fail for you because I could have snuck off like a thief in the night with 12 unpaid padded bags in my hot little hands, and a fail for myself because no postage had been made. Another fail, I might add, for the recipients of my items who I can only imagine their sadness and confusion at opening an empty and hollow letter box over the coming days.  

    Some parcels were too ‘thick’ for regulation regular parcel post thickness guidelines (a fact I would have appreciated before I stuffed the bags in the first place). These parcels needed to be weighed, a task seemingly too much for your Balgowlah Post employees at 5:01pm. Some were thin enough for regular parcel post, however buying stamps for these parcels proved to be impossible, for reasons still unknown. Some I was told to take to an entirely different Australia Post store that would be open on Saturday and able to process my parcels then. Some might have been shipped off to Australia’s border security and terrorism check, I just don’t know.

     Australia Post compliant letter

     What is going on here, Australia Post?!

    Has this left you confused, Australia post? Because I’m confused. I’m sitting here with seven un-posted items around me, and three that I think are sitting somewhere in the bottom of a post box, but I just can’t be sure.

    Australia Post compliant letter

    Why haven't these been posted, Australia Post, WHY? 

    Again, I know I’m repeating myself, but I had 12 very similarly shaped and sized wallets to post, not elephants. Do you know why there was so much confusion with my postage items? Do you know why a Balgowlah Post employee could not have indicated upon a standard packaging option with standard postage fees and procedures? Do you know how the two female Balgowlah Post employees made it through their job interview process?


    I’ve taken myself to www.auspost.com.au to ease this confusion, but it really hasn’t helped. Your site says “from satchels to mailing boxes and accessories, we offer a one-stop shop.” But it hasn’t been a ‘one stop shop’ has it, Australia Post? I just used your 'online postage calculator' for a parcel roughly the same size as my hand, and it's tell me it's 8 DOLLARS. 8 DOLLARS. Surely, this can't be true.

    I despair for the state of Australia Post, but mostly I despair for the sanity and livelihood of your two chief Balgowlah Post employees. Did you hire them from ‘Maurer Family Funerals’ centre across the road? I understand that this might have been a convenient switch, but I think their career aspirations are probably more suited to morgues, and not Australian parcel post services.

    Yours sincerely,


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